merchants hotline: 0519-89880127 14751608007

Project address:no 5 middle yanzheng road wujin district

Changfa tower,pure 5A office CBD of wujin district south of Changzhou,middle yanzheng road and south of changwu road border,near huayuan street business district,Wujin district administrative examination and approval center, bureau, finance bureau, land bureau, industrial and commercial bureau, transportation bureau, etc. "one-stop" service government,onvenient transportation,There are several domestic and foreign well-known real estate developers, insurance companies, investment companies, etc enter changfa tower.


merchants hotline:0519-89880127 13641508545

Project address: taihu east lake road 101-1 xinbei district Changzhou city

Changfa square is the first mixed use development in Changzhou ,in East of taihu JinLing north road junction,Adjacent to multiple high mature community,Sports center, grand theatre, city square, museum, media center, hohai university, etc around the changfa square.Held one hundred times events every year,Reception people nearly 600000,Through in-depth study and argument of the market,The project location:With food as the theme, set catering, leisure, entertainment, living in one of the commercial complex


Merchants hotline: 025-82265812 13809024337

Project address: Sinpo Road, Pukou District, Nanjing city(the River Street Road intersection)

Nanjing Pukou Changfa Square is located in Sinpo Road, Pukou District, Nanjing city(the River Street Road intersection), a total construction area of over 280000 square meters, including SHOPPING MALL, plan-built office Deshang, etc. With the property portfolio of city complex projects, and striving to build the Jiangpu area of central business district. The project is located in the Nanjing Jiangpu hot region, line station 2-3 are closed by. Also, located in Jiangpu old city and Binjiang handover lots, commercial combination will also radiate two regions, with excellent geographical location and traffic conditions.


merchants hotline : 025-82265812 13809024337

Project address: 88 hongshan road, xuanwu district, Nanjing city

Nanjing Xuanwu Square near the Metro Line 9 of Nanjin, a few minutes walk to reach the North Square of Nanjing CRH railway station, with Xiaoongshan bus station in the opposite. Xuanwu Square set together the business office, large supermarkets, catering, leisure entertainment, children's play garden, as a one-stop shopping center development of experience, to create a new landmark in the north of the city of Nanjing urban area. Nanjing Xuanwu Square is located in Nanjing urban district to create the focus of government north of the core position, the combination of shopping centers, office buildings and apartments and other types of property north of the city. The total construction area of over 210000 square meters, of which more than 113000 square meters is shopping center.

merchants hotline: 0510-82616611 13641508545

Project address:zhongshan road and meixia road border beitang district wuxi city

Business street of Wuxi oufeng new tiandi,in CBD of wuxi city,In the famous food street ou feng street core location,Connected zhongshan road,convenient transportation,Connection to the subway exit,near hui mountain and canal,beautiful view.Project include residential, commercial plaza, business office, star hotel, international service apartments in the integration of large-scale comprehensive building,The commercial project covers an area of 26000 square meters,A one-stop collection dining, shopping, leisure, fitness, education, entertainment, grade a office, hotel, hall etc. 10 functions into one,lead wuxi city future.
Merchants hotline: 0511-85240888 13952898898

Project address: Mount Huangshan Zhenjiang West Road, No. 29 (inter city railway station is opposite)

Zhenjiang Changfa Square, north of Mount Huangshan Road, East Village Road, opposite the Shanghai Nanjing intercity, ZhenJiang Railway Station, under the Zhenjiang focus on the planning of residential and administrative center -- South Xu Xincheng; gathered around Wanda Plaza, Zhonghao International Plaza and several large emerging commercial project, Changfa Square is a new commercial center of Zhenjiang key! Zhenjiang Changfa Square combine the shopping centers, office buildings and apartments and other property types, and is a complex of Zhenjiang city landmark. The total construction area of nearly 200000 square meters! Shopping together "eat, drink, play, joy, buy" in one rich commercial life supporting facilities, and make your office life becomes a kind of enjoyment!

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